Michael, A middle-aged man of 46, drives to his work on a daily basis. He tells us that he doesn't drive according to the speed limit, but drives approximately 15 miles p/h faster than the speed limit. He contacted us because he wants to change his behavior in traffic. He is married and has two kids aged 4 and 6. He is a family man, and fears the possible negative outcomes of his driving behavior. 

We ask him to fill in the online psychological test (OPT) to test the way he sees himself in traffic. After the completion of the task, he sits down with a coach to discuss the outcome of the OPT. The coach tries to get an accurate overview of the way Michael behaves in traffic. When Michael's behavior in traffic has been tested and enlightened through conversation, he begins his training. Michael seems to be interested and compliant during the training sessions but that's not the case outside the sessions where he easily slips back into old behavior. 

While Michael learns more about himself during the training sessions he fails to put this into practice. He has a lot of self-knowledge and comprehends his old behavior. This is phase one. Yet he doesn't seems to commit properly to the transformational training sessions which comprise phase two. He discovers that Transformology is not for the fainthearted, but for people who are highly motivated and disciplined. The coach picks up on the conflict between knowledge and practice and confronts Michael with this. The coach acts as a mirror for his behavior. He tells Michael that in order to change his behavior for himself and for his family, he has to act upon what he knows about himself. Otherwise the knowledge he has about himself remains abstract and won't cause a transformation in his behavior. Michael now seems to understand the importance of a balance between  knowledge and practice and he puts his best foot forward in, and outside of, the training sessions. 

Michael chooses to acton his knowledge and doesn't speed anymore. His old behavior makes way for the new. He contributes to the people around him by training them to drive safely. He demonstrates handy tips for driving safely which he learnt during his course. By sharing his creative knowledge with others, he contributes to the people around him. He has put his knowledge into practice in phase three; by contribution. His talent for developing creative tips and tricks to encourage safe driving strengthens his creative competences even more. He becomes a professional in creative thinking when it comes to safe driving. His transformation is a contribution to  himself, his family who loves him and the world around him. His safety on the road also contributes to the safety of other drivers.