The founder of Transformology, Ken Mann, stated that humor is very important in changing the behavior of people. Theoretical and empirical studies in different fields show us that transforming knowledge into practice influences people's behavior in a positive and effective way. But before you can reach that transformation, people need a lot of motivation, creativity and should not be afraid of a challenge. Where Ken Mann based the success of transformology on humor, Patch Adams has shown in his Gesundheid Institute that love and community are the answers when it comes to transformation. 

Abdelilah Ljamai, who works with the 'Transforming Tool', has studied different forms of Transformology and concludes that behavior, not humor or love, is the key. He explains the importance of behavior in Transformology with the four C's: (C1) Comprehension, (C2) Commitment, (C3) Contribution and (C4) Competence.

The 4 C’s

  • Comprehension: Before you can change your behavior, you need to be aware of your behavior in the moment. You need to comprehend the way you behave. You need to face your old (unwanted!) behavior and change it into new and wanted behavior.
  • Commitment: When you comprehend your behavior, you need motivation and discipline to change your old behavior. You need to challenge and renew yourself.
  • Contribution: This phase connects knowledge and practice. You share your experiences and knowledge with other people, so they can also work on their self-development. While you share your knowledge, you're not only helping others: your own talents will also grow.
  • Competence: By completing the previous phases (comprehension, commitment and contribution) you develop your own competences and change your old behavior into your new, successful behavior.