This domain concerns gifted young people whose talents are promoted by Transformology. The focus here is to form and strengthen the personality of the participants. Most young individuals who are gifted cope with insecurities, fears, psychological barriers and difficulties with expressing themselves verbally. Besides strengthening their personality, Ljamai also helps them develop three other levels:

  1. Critical & strategic thinking;
  2. Creative thinking;
  3. Effective leadership.
These skills give young gifted people the tools they need to strengthen their personality and overcome their different forms of insecurity. This helps them transform into people with strong personalities.

Ljamai concentrates on two different key points in training the participants:

  1. Individually: The training programs are meant to develop their own competences through the previously mentioned three levels. By strengthening the personaity on an individual basis, the second key point can be practiced;
  2. Environmentally: This key point focusses on how you relate to your environment. By strengthening your own personality, you will relate better with the world around you. This will be in the form of contributing to your surroundings through Transformology.

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The program aims to improve the way you educate yourself. An example of an educational transformational training is speedreading. By adjusting old behavioral ways, new behavior emerges which will improve the way you learn. This will contribute to your self-development. In order to grow as a human being, you have to comprehend the way you behave and why you behave the way you do. Reflection on your behavior is of vital importance. Yet having knowledge about your behavioral habits is just one part of Transformology. 

Besides gaining self-knowledge, you have to put your knowledge into practice. You have to act on what you know. An example of self-development is the CASE of a man who knew he was speeding in traffic far too often. Click here to read this case. He did not like the possible outcomes of his driving behavior, yet he did not act on his knowledge. Through the transformational training sessions the man acted on his knowledge and transformed his unwanted dangerous speeding behavior into harmless and desired behavior.

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