Transforming Tool provides various courses on specialized subjects such as Transformology, Developing New Leaders, Effective Leadership, Empowerment, Japanese Speedreading, Talented Youth Transformation, Critical Thinking and StrategicThinking, Strategy of Change Management, Strategy of Performance and Performance Measurement.


Transformology refers to the transformation of knowledge into practice by using the methodology, techniques and tools developed by us. Transformology is designed to assist organizations in achieving their targets and goals. 

More specifically, Transformology is designed to provide selected participants with the means and routes by which they can change current behavior, attitudes and abilities in order to reach new goals. The main objective is to bring about a durable transformation in the behavior of participants.


  • Individual face-to-face conversations
  • Interactions during sessions (socio-interactive & self-confrontation methods)
  • Workshops, role-plays and analysis of complex case studies
  • Instructional material, games and media
  • Self-developed software (Online psychological & anthropological tests, Virtual Assistant and several reporting tools)
  • Various dynamic tools


  • Health & Safety behavior
  • Environmental awareness
  • Corporate values
  • Operational excellence
  • Education
  • Talent (gifted young people)
  • Business-related challenges (Recruitment & Selection)
  • Change Management
  • Performance Measurement
  • Corporate & Effective Leadership


Dr. Ljamai is an Associated Professor in the Netherlands. He is the founder of Transforming Tool and your consultant, coach and trainer in the field of Transformology. While focusing specifically on health & safety behavior and  environmental awareness, Dr. Ljamai also holds courses on corporate values, operational excellence, education, talent  and other business-related challenges such as recruitment & selection. 

He has written numerous books and scientific articles in the fields of Anthropology, Islamic Studies and Psychology and can therefore truly interface with corporations operating globally.