Thijs has been working for the same employer for thirteen years now. He feels as though he isn't going anywhere in his career and he should educate himself so he has better job options. However, Thijs feels insecure about his learning abilities. He battled his way through university. It is not that he doesn't want to learn, or that he isn't smart, but Thijs doesn't know how to learn. 

When he reads, he wants to record every single detail about the subject. This makes him very slow at reading. Because of this behavior he had a hard time at his university. With four books to read per week, he fell behind quickly. Knowing this makes him scared of studying once again. He comprehends his old behavior very well, but doesn't know how to change it. 

He therefore joins a the  transformational training course. He feels very committed to this as he knows that it is the only way to improve his career. During the course, Thijs receives instruction in how to read faster, to speed read. This is very new to Thijs. He used to take 5 whole days to finish a book, but now he learns to read a book in just a couple of hours. His self-esteem improves and he feels capable of educating himself by following an MBA in order to have better career options. His strength is discipline. Even when struggling through college he never gave up. He always believed he could do it and carried on. 

He contributes the knowledge he gained through the training sessions by training people to be disciplined. Besides his job and the MBA he recently started, he also gives courses motivating people to develop themselves by discipline. Because of his contribution, he develops his talent for discipline and becomes a professional. He trains people daily on self-development through discipline. Thijs got a promotion after receiving his MBA. Besides his new job, he has also started an independent training company concentrating on self-development through discipline and hard work.